What social media sites are best for business

There are thousands of people who get on social media sites everyday because they’re looking for the next big news on fashion, weather, relationships, travel, health and a boatload of other categories. Sites that are updated regularly such as Twitter and Facebook are best for businesses in 2013. LinkedIn in and Myspace are other sites to consider for a broader audience. But things are moving fairly quickly in the world of tweets and likes.

Being a part of social media gives businesses the opportunity to humanize their brand. While it’s safe to make advertising only post, it’s better to take risks and creating a more personable experience that most consumers are looking for.There are many ways to make adjustments to make your social media successful and  there will be a social media marketing service to appropriately make the nexxessary changes.

Social media can seem miniature to all the billboards and bus stop bench opportunities out there. If you pay close attention, even businesses who use public spaces have their Twitter and Facebook information listed somewhere along the border of the ad. If they’re really fancy, they’ll have a QR code- the box-shaped brail maze that says “scan me to see our website.”

A few weeks ago, I met a bartender that had QR codes tattooed on his forearms. The QR code on the right arm was in black ink and the QR code on the left arm was “invisible” ink. Of course I scanned the invisible QR code. It led me to a Tumblr page full of random people posing with their Starbucks cups. There was no real rhyme or reason to the site but the codes, tattoos and free drinks caught my attention and going to his site gave him one more “hit”. Trust me those hits add up.

While Twitter and Facebook are great for reaching consumers directly, LinkedIn is best for networking with other companies that are similar to yours (or not). Keeping an eye on the competition is another great way to stay on top of the latest advertising tricks and trends. If you’ve noticed Fonts-R-Us is updating their tweets every hour on the hour, it’s a safe bet that they’ve hired someone to do so and it may not be a bad idea for you to do the same. Beware, these “connections” are just as smart as you are and waiting to follow your unintended advice as well.

The whole purpose of using social media is to get your name out there. When you’re just getting started it may not seem like a big deal. But if you use social media the right way, you’ll soon have much more than you know what to do with- which isn’t good either so make sure that you can deliver what you’re promising before you put it out there into the cyber world. And have fun. It’s the internet!

Know the Expert’s Advice on Social Media Marketing


Today, one of the very effective ways of promotion through the network is by involving yourself in social media campaign. Viral and social campaign thrives simply because of the credibility it develops with people having to recommend certain business, product, and service to other people. Radio, television, and print advertisements target massive people including those who are not inclined to heed the notice. Through appropriate social media marketing, you will notice significant progress regarding the status of your business.

Several corporations do not take time to find a more effective way of operating social media marketing, but instead choose to employ a company to handle their online social appearance for them. By allowing the professionals to take complete control of your Internet presence may at first look like a good idea in creating an appearance but certain problems may arise from not sustaining a stable control on certain part of the business.

It is easier to know when a particular product does not represent itself. Most people will likely lose interest when the messages being relayed on Twitter and Facebook do not represent the person or company behind them. Keep in the mind that the key is to be real, friendly, reachable, interactive, and approachable. A third company handling your online promotion may not be able to accurately convey these feelings to users. And the absence of that honesty might lead you to pay for a television ad or customary print instead.

Many users appreciate a company that is interactive which is also important. Social campaign places you on equal level with your customers. A social media company that represents you may not be able to devote sufficient time replying to your customers. It is expected to receive both positive and negative reactions. Replying is essential to assure your customers that you are approachable and responding to their comments professionally is a wisest thing you should do.

Employ someone to give you sound advice regarding your marketing promotion instead of hiring a company to represent your presence online. By managing your own social media accounts, all marketing decisions are yours while you maintain a truthful image of your products to the clients.